UTILBROCCE has been producing gear cutting tools for the last 40 years and, for more than 35 years, we have specialized in the production of broaches, HSS stick-blades and cutter heads for straight and spiral bevel gears.

Longstanding experience, continuous technological innovation and a highly skilled team of engineers have enabled us to become an acclaimed supplier to some of the most important businesses in Europe. Utilbrocce tools are in fact used to produce components for aviation, for the automotive industry, for the arms industry as well as for the manufacture of turbines, speed reducers etc. Utilbrocce operates from its 4,000 squared meter site in a well-lit facility with 1,350 squared meter covered floor space which hosts the very latest in state-of-art equipment and technology. We currently have 40 production machines, 14 of which were specially designed and produced in-house. Numerical Control, CAD-CAM linkage and software developed by our own engineers are a standard at Utilbrocce.

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